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Although the name Rubik is immediately associated with the famous Rubik Cube, there are some other products that share the Rubik’s title. One of the most known out there is another puzzle invented by Rubik that isn’t actually a puzzle: rather a toy similar in which there is no one single solution but there are lots of cool shapes you can construct. This puzzle is commonly known as the Rubik’s Snake.

The Rubik’s Snake was invented by Ernő Rubik, and is the perfect game to understand the basics of three-dimensional geometrical connection. As all of Rubik's games. In fact, Rubik said himself that “The snake is not a problem to be solved; it offers infinite possibilities of combination. It is a tool to test out ideas of shape in space.”. So what are you waiting for to unleash your creativity?

The puzzle has 24 3D right-angled triangles, which each can be turned 360 degrees around the face of its adjacent triangle. This creates 23 individual turning points, each with 4 separate positions. Therefore, the number of combinations that a Rubik’s Snake possesses theoretically is 4^23, or 70 quadrillion. You've read it well! 70 quadrillion possibilities!

What are you waiting for to unleash your creativity? Grab yours Rubik's Snake now, before we run out of stock!

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