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The NG is the perfect Fingerboard for every rider: from the one who is just starting to the one that has more advanced moves. With a performance than can be compared to any Professional Fingerboards, you will get addicted to it before you even notice. The NH Fingerboard is ready to go anytime, anywhere, as long as you are ready to! 

But why is it free? Since we launched this business model, over 35% of customers who got a free Fingerboard have bought an additional paid piece. This is where our brand makes a profit. Also, we know you will share your experience, and this creates valuable word of mouth advertising for us!

Since this is a free giveaway, the Fingerboard distribution is random and you can receive any of the pictured models... Or maybe you will be the lucky person to receive our Limited Edition Golden NH Fingerboard!

Grab yours before we end this promotion!

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