Deal Of The Day // I LOVE YOU Projective Necklace

Rose Gold
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I LOVE YOU, Projective Necklace

 ~ Hidden Message Encarved on Stone ~ 

Looking for that new sensation jewelry piece that not only will brighten your day but make all the heads in the room turn to you?
Or perhaps, looking for a way to show your love but running out of fresh ideas? Relax, our Secret Love Necklace will help you put a smile upon your loved one's face! Or yourself... who knows? :)
The South African Zircon Stone Hides THE MOST ROMANTIC MESSAGE: I Love You, Displayed in 100 Different Languages!
Just Point a Regular Light Right Through the Stone or Use Your Smartphone's Camera.

Secret Love is a Projective Necklace and uses micro-engraving technology to engrave 'I Love You' in 100 different languages, right into the Zircon Stone. It is just the perfect gift to impress the one you love, expressing affection, sincerity, and creativity!



➸ Colors: You can choose between the Trendy Rose Gold or the Edgy Silver one;

➸ Material: Made from High-Quality Silver Sterling Alloy with a South African Zircon Gem. Eco-Friendly and Unleaded Materials;

➸ Specifications: The chain measures 16 inches + 2 inches extension. The Pendant is 1.50" height and 1" wide;

➸  2 ways to wear: The pendant is flexible and can be used with different lengths, making it suitable for any occasion and adjustable to any outfit;

➸  I Love You: When you point a light into the pendant, the message 'I Love You' is displayed in 100 different languages. You can also use your smartphone camera to look inside the stone - the hidden message will appear on the screen. It is the ultimate surprise to impress your lover! :)

This fine piece jewelry makes the perfect gift for your special one. More than a beautiful and unique jewel, it shares your true feelings in the most creative and romantic way.
Get Yours Now and Make Your Special One Happy for Life! Just swipe  ☝and click "Add to Cart".
For the Curious:
In the Middle Ages, the Zircon gem was thought to induce sound sleep, drive away evil spirits, and promote riches, honor, and wisdom.

Many scholars think the original stone’s name comes from the Arabic word "zarkun", meaning “cinnabar” or “vermilion.” Others believe the source is the Persian word "zargun", or “gold-colored.” Considering Zircon’s color range, either derivation seems possible.

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