Yes No Maybe rubber

March 09, 2020

Picture the scene. You’re sitting in school bored and you fancy playing a game. You grab your rubber from your Pepsi Max/metal car pencil case and scribble down the words “Yes” and “No” on either side, and “Maybe” on the length of it. Game on!

It was such a simple concept and allowed for hours of fun, well before you got told off by the teacher anyway for excessive laughter. The Yes No Maybe rubber game is the stuff of legends amongst my generation.

The most common use for it in my primary school was to work out who fancied who. Me and the girl who sat next to me in class would pick a boy and a girl from our class and ask the rubber if they liked each other. One flip later and rumours would be flying around by lunchtime.

Very rarely would a flip end in a Maybe due to the difficulty in actually managing to get a rubber to land on its side as it bounces, but when it did a celebratory shout would go up from whoever did it, often resulting in spending breaktime writing lines.

I didn’t know that this particular craze was nationwide, I believed that it was just some quirky Mid Wales thing we did. But after chatting to my mates about it in university it seems the Yes No Maybe game swept the nation and made some important decisions for kids up and down the country.

This was my personal favourite classroom game, although those weird paper selector colour/number things that only girls could make, the Love Calculator and the dictionary chase which would usually end with “go to page 69” where the phrase “you are gay” would be written were also good fun.

My classroom accomplice and I also used to play a game where we used to refuse to touch anything that the weirdo in our class touched, using allsorts of equipment to avoid catching “the lurgy”. Needless to say we spent a lot of time in detention.

Maybe the magical rubber technique is used by those higher up in the world. Perhaps Gordon Brown uses it when selecting his policies? Maybe Fabio Capello will use it to select his World Cup squad? Will Cheryl Cole pick up her eraser to decide whether to dump her idiot of a husband? If she does I’m hoping it lands on Yes…

Unfortunately many of the decisions we have to make now are older (and supposedly wiser) are perhaps too complicated just to flip a rubber, but next time you’ve got a decision you just can’t make yourself, dig out your pencil case and leave it in the hands of the rubbery gods. Let me know how it goes!

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