Secret bar

March 09, 2020

I am a massive fan of chocolate, and everytime I head to Tesco and push my trolley past the confectionary stand I have to grab a Snickers, Whole Nut or a KitKat Chunky. Unfortunately I cannot enjoy the delights of the best chocolate of all time.

Nestle Secret bars were absolutely gorgeous, and one of my earliest chocolate memories is munching on one whilst walking past Gateway (even before Somerfield!) with my mum.

If you don’t remember it, it was a nest-like chocolate structure with a mousse filling like a Walnut Whip, and it came in a gold wrapper which also had cardboard in it to protect the fragile bar. I was addicted to them and pestered my mum to buy me one regularly.

They were only around for a few years before Nestle pulled them in 1996 as they cost too much to make and strangely didn’t sell well enough. Whether or not they were advertised properly I don’t know but it seems strange seeing as they were so damn tasty.

Since a petition to bring back Wispas led to Cadbury’s re-launching it a couple of years ago, a number of similar ones have been made for the Secret bar. If like me you have a 14 year craving for one, head here and add your name to the masses already on there.

It’s no secret that a lot of people want them back in their lives and surely it would be in Nestle’s best interests to listen to the nation? It’s got to be more popular than Caramac, which I see all the time clogging up the shelves but never have the urge to buy as it tastes like crap.

Hopefully they do listen and bring it back sooner rather than later. Back in the day it probably cost like 25p whereas now you struggle to find a Mars Bar for under 50p, but I would gladly pay much more to chomp on my favourite treat of all time once again.

Retrieved from I Miss The 90's