Adidas popper joggers

March 09, 2020

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I love Adidas. I have Adidas Superstar trainers, Adidas Originals tracksuit tops, Adidas t-shirts and Adidas Predator football boots. But if I could own one item of Adidas apparel it would be the legendary Adidas popper joggers.

I had a lot of cool stuff when I was a kid and my parents hardly deprived me of anything. I got involved in the fashion trends as a kid; I had spiky hair (ala Gary Rhodes, scary thought) and all the different types of trainers that appeared around the time such as the ones that had LED lights in them and the psychedelic green and orange chunky ones. But never proper popper joggers.

These were a random fashion statement. I still don’t quite understand the need for press studs down the sides of joggers as when you had them undone the flare of your trousers flapped around in the wind, but they had the three stripes running down the side , Sporty Spice wore them and I wanted them.

Looking back I can fully understand why my parents didn’t splash out £20 on a pair of trousers for me to roll around in the mud playing footy, and I had to make do with the Gola version of them. Ahh Gola – Adidas’ poorer, more malnourished cousin. If Adidas is David Beckham, Gola’s equivalent is Darren Huckerby.

But even with my garish Gola version I could still experience the joys of people running up behind you in the playground (on non-school uniform days of course!) and grab a handful of your trousers, pulling so hard that the poppers gave way and exposed your legs to the harsh Mid Wales winters.

I’ve always heard that fashion comes back around, but after an absence of a decade I think the world is already relishing the return of the Adidas “windpants”. There are Facebook groups demanding the relaunch of the design classic and there are still a few popping up on Ebay and selling for some good money. You could say they’re becoming pop-ular again…

Unfortunately any time I see a pair of these gorgeous trackies, they’re always being showcased by someone in their mid 50s who picked them up from a jumble sale for a couple of quid, trying to be down with the kids. Until they pop their clogs, I don’t think I’ll be sporting the popper pants any time soon.

Retrieved from I Miss The 90's