90’s Movies

March 09, 2020

The 90s was an amazing decade of hit movie after hit movie. Was this because it was the last hurrah before the age of streaming originals? Who knows – but be sure, whether your thing was horror, comedy or the simply un-categorizable (Pulp Fiction), the 90s produced an epic game-changer in every genre.

How many times did you watch your favorite movie?

Family: Home Alone, Space Jam

Comedy: Wayne’s World, Friday

Rom-Com: There’s Something About Mary

Romance: Pretty Woman, How Stella Got Her Groove Back

Thriller: Silence of The Lambs, Basic Instinct, Six Sense

Horror: Scream, The Blair Witch Project

Crime: Se7en, New Jack City

Drama: Boyz N the Hood, Schindler’s List

Retrieved from Experience The 90's