10 things that 90s kids will relate to

March 09, 2020

There are several factors that most children that were born in the 90s would relate to. That is what makes the 90s kids very special millennials. Since the highest age group of the 90s kids is 26, most of us are most definitely still university students. Furthermore, some would be in the beginning of their career phase or in the phase of starting families. What makes us special millennials and different from other millennials? Well, here is the list of things that makes being born in the 90s special.

Cartoon network

Cartoon Network was the Nickelodeon to most 90s kids. The network televised a range of shows from Arthur to Scooby-Doo. You will be glued on that television for hours long to catch up on the variety of shows that were shown.

Paint and space pinball

Children born in this era will never know how precious it was to play these games. Stuck behind the computer screen, you would spend a day trying to draw a dog and painting it. Besides painting, 90s kids also utilized their computer time playing space pinball. It was rewarding because we did not spend the entire day playing games on computers. Unlike the kids born after the 90s, who are glued to their tablets.

Multiple colored pen

Everything in the 90s was so colorful that most 90s kids owned a multiple colored pen. This was not only a favorite possession to most of us but also a challenge. I bet all those that were in possession of this pen tried writing with all the colors at the same time. It is such a pity that even up to now no one has succeeded in doing it.

Lion king

Believe me, every 90s kid you speak to will be familiar with the names Mufasa and Simba. Just like children born nowadays are obsessed with frozen, the most loved film in the 90s was the lion King. It was punishment enough for a parent to not let you watch this movie however many times you watched it.

Renting movies

Unlike having a Netflix account where you have unlimited movies and TV shows, movies were rented in the 90s. Most 90s kids will surely relate to this struggle specifically. The trip to the video rental shop was not hard if you had a choice already. If you had no choice, it would be really hard because there was a variety to choose from.

Disney fairy tales

You were not a 90s girl if you do not have a favorite Disney fairy tale. The collection of different fairy tales in the 90s had girls dreaming about their prince charming on a white horse. We all loved Rapunzel with her long hair, Cinderella and the wicked step mother, Aladdin and Jasmine and so many more. These fairy tales have left a mark on our hearts forever because we are always thinking about a happy ending.

Hide and seek

One of the most loved and famous games by the 90s kids was hide and seek. We would play this the whole day and the next day too but never got tired of it. This game was much more fun when played outside with a group of friends or even siblings. Although sometime we ended up fighting and crying foul, hide and seek was legendary.

The legendary eraser

One of the 90s kids memorable school possession was the Dixon pink and blue eraser. We all had one in our pencil bags. What makes this eraser legendary is that myth had it that the blue side could erase pen ink. And all 90s kids fell through by trying to erase the ink. The question is who came up with that rumor because up until now people still believe it.


With a total of 5 buttons and only four shades of grey, this device became the reason for all your parents’ concerns. At some point they realized you could no longer be bothered; you had Pokémon to catch. These 8-bit adventures made long trips for 90s kids finally bearable, and made us unsociable at the same time. But when you have a princess to save, that’s the least of your worries.


This virtual pet relied on you to raise it during your demanding childhood life. As a 5-year old it was up to you to feed, bath, play and teach your Tamagotchi everything you learned so far. Sounds like a challenge? Well, if you couldn’t get your Tamagotchi past infanthood, hatching a new egg was always possible. As a result it taught 90s kids a lot about adulthood while they weren’t aware of it.

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